Motorola DP2600e

Equip your team with the world’s most scalable radio solution. The DP2600 offers best-in-class audio in a scalable solution to your demanding communication needs. Intelligent audio and voice announcement features enable easy communication in difficult work environments. A crystal clear black and white screen makes menu navigation and accessing contacts easy. It is also analogue interoperable, enabling you to make the transition to digital at your own pace, all at a value that stands up to the competition.


Frequency Range

VHF (136-174 MHz); UHF (403-470 MHz)

Power supply- 7.5V (Nominal)

Battery life (based on a 05 05 90 duty cycle)

NiMH Battery

Analogue: 9 hours Digital : 11.5 hours

Li-Ion Slim (1600 mAH) Battery

High Cap Li-ion (2200 mAH) Battery

Audio output

0.5 W (Internal)

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