Hytera PD4 Series

The highlight of the PD4 series is the RFID reader, which is integrated into the PD415 as standard. With the aid of this module the PD415 can be used in Hytera’s Patrol System. Patrolling guards can then scan distributed check points in a building and send their current location to a control room. With longer battery life, lightweight with a long battery life and a integrated RFID reader (PD415), the PD4 series from Hytera are your optimal companion for everyday work. The PD4 series supports both analogue and digital operation, ensuring a smooth migration to digital radio for any user.


Different operating modes: analogue, DMR Tier II or mixed

Digital or analogue channel search

Supports pre-programmed text message transmission

TDMA direct mode allows up to two simultaneous calls, even without repeater

VOX (voice-controlled send keying)

Emergency alarm

Individual call, group call and all call

Priority Interrupt, remote monitor, radio enable and disable (all via chargeable licence)

Hytera Pseudo Trunking and Basic Encryption (via chargeable licence)

Radio Registration Service (RRS), Radio Check, Alert Call

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