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Platinum 7

Platnum7 is an advanced GPS/GPRS automotive telematics and integrated vehicle alarm system that meets increasing customer demand for a unique digital driving experience. With a specially designed rear view mirror unit, RF keypad and Personal Navigation Device(PND) touchscreen navigation and communication center,
Platinum 7 addresses five main areas of consumer concern, including Vehicle Security, Personal Safety & Roadside Assistance, Convenience & Navigation Services, Communications and a growing range of Infotainment services.


Vehicle Security

- Online tracking via GPS/GPRS with tracking options in Standby mode: vehicle theft recovery begins with theft prevention,with or without the owners knowledge.
- Supports remote immobilizing by internal or external relay and additional RIM device for added protection.
- Unique vehicle alarm and integrated telematics for24/7 theft prevention and alarm notification alerts
- Access security features via cell phone, Web application or customer service centre.
- Remote door lock/unlock.

Personal Safety & Roadside Assistance

- Service center support for commercial and private users.
- Automatic accident detection generates emergency calls for medical, mechanical, and legal assistance.
- Active monitoring if threatened enroute.
- SMS and system alerts for parking, motion, accidents, etc.

Navigation & Convenience

- Over-the-air delivery of routes and driving directions.
- Advanced management via Web or mobile applications
- Immediate voice link to navigation and convenience services
- Generate reports for up to 700 user-defined parameters including vehicle maintenance and diagnostics.
- Vehicle location, tracking, geo-fencing and checkpoints.

Communications and Emergency Services

- Car kit and hands free system includes Bluetooth or internal modem with phonebook support.
- Emergency help on demand or triggered automatically when a sudden deceleration or an accident is detected
- SMS, calls, and message services via PND.


- High quality MP3 music streaming to vehicle audio system.
- Text to speech synthesizer
- Bluetooth connectivity to cellphone with voice recognition and phonebook support.


- Over the air firmware upgrade via GPRS.
- Integrated jamming and hot wire detection.
- Backup battery with smart battery management and alerts.


GPS Tracking


The Ubiko Personal Tracker From E-Drive Technologies¬†is a compact, easily configurable GPS/GSM/GPRS tracking and monitoring device to promote personal security and safety. With exceptionally fast and accurate acquisition times, and a built-in logger, the Ubiko Personal Tracker provides watchers with the device’s location, and continuous location tracking via a web portal.

With a built-in SOS panic button, the Ubiko Personal Tracker can send an emergency alert along with the user’s GPS coordinates to a specified contact via SMS or Web alerts. The “bread crumb” feature creates a trail of waypoints and transmits an alert on arrival at a pre-determined destination, or when the device enters or leaves a predefined region. With integrated voice monitoring keeping track of your loved ones, and the vehicles they drive, has never been so simple.



- Integrated microphone for voice monitoring
- Built-in SOS panic button
- Continuous location tracking


- On-demand location report via SMS
- Automatic geo-fence notifications
- Motion sensor

Web Management Interface

- Enables managing large number of Ubiko trackers
- Multi-lingual language support
- Web application can generate location and trip reports


- Easily configurable via USB, SMS or GPRS
- Water resistant (IPx4)
- Records up to a quarter million waypoints
- EGNOS and WAAS compliant
- 20-channel all-in-view tracking
- 12-290 hours between charging, depending on configuration

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