Our Mobile Repeater

In many cases limited coverage may hurt your operational efficiency and in some cases may even compromise your operations safety.

Based on our almost 20 years experience, we have designed and manufactured in Ghana, Mobile repeater, self contained with Solar power system and Tactical 6 meter mast , that may solve such challenges.
This trailer provides extended coverage , using on board Back to Back RF connection, repeating surface or main system coverage to the challenged areas.
The repeater and trailer are customized to each customer needs and allow dynamic solution to most coverage challenges while specifically engineered to facilitate quick and easy set up or take down.

The trailer can be used by mining companies or in emergency situations and supports most radio networks including DMR/MotoTrbo and TETRA.


  • Galvanized coating with fully independent suspension
  • Customized metal equipment box and thermal control fans
  • 6-12 meter Tactical mast
  • 4 stabilizing feet (takes only 10-15 minutes to set up)
  • Offers 2-3 solar panels for easy transportation (150/200 Watt each)
  • Battery back-up, 300 to 800 Ahr