ACT-ICT is not just about installation and delivering, it's about relating to the customer and finding the tight fit for their requirements. 

Partnership, Quality, Service & acting as Your Competitive Edge.

ACT ICT Ghana Ltd has been providing first class engineering and turnkey solutions and services for over a decade. With a combined team experience of more than 15 years in Europe and Africa, we strive to be the best Telecom and ICT service provider in Ghana by providing excellent customer care and after sales services and ensuring our clients get best value for their money!

Putting all the big words aside, our objective is clear and simple. To support each and one of our customers, IT engineers and procurement professionals, with the best breed of products and solutions, insuring them The Best Value for Money.


Pit Coverage

Mobile Solar Repeater Trailers – Enhancing coverage in your pit Designed, Built and commissioned by our team. Let’s talk about your special needs

Last Mile Connectivity

Advancement and growth of cellular networks and internet has led to an increased demand for coverage.

Complete Solutions

Understanding the customer is key to an excellent delivery and support. Time and again we hear customers complain: "Our vendors have been selling us products, not solutions.